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Sorry for being MIA for a month or so, just had a lot going on ? Will do a post to catch you up on what’s been happening in my life, but I will dedicate some of my next couple of posts to share experiences I made in the Dominican Republic. Unfortunately, I don’t really have any photos because I wasn’t planning on writing this review. That said, let’s get into my hotel review of the Whala Urban Hotel in Punta Cana.

The Location

The hotel is located next to the highway, which makes it easy to get to, but it’s quite a strange location for a hotel to be, in my opinion. There is literally nothing nearby besides a hospital and an almost empty mall, called Boulevard Shopping Mall. Unfortunately, that one was quite empty at the time we were there, except for 1-2 restaurants and a rooftop bar/club. Our room was facing the mall, which was a bit annoying because the headlights on the mall were quite strong and so it wasn’t completely dark in our room. The rooftop bar was also not the nicest to be exposed to because of the loud noise on 3-4 days a week .

Again, the location is really not the best in my opinion. You can’t get anywhere in walking distance, which is also a little weird for Europeans because we are used to getting around by foot or bike ?. You have to rent a car/motorcycle or get a cab to go to the beach, which really sucks because it’s super expensive! Disappointing that the hotel doesn’t offer shuttle buses for free to their sister hotel, you have to pay the all-inclusive ticket of the sister hotel to get free transport – which amounted to 70$ a day for 2 persons.

The Room

The room was quite alright, although, we were not asked, which room we wanted to have. We got a room with 2 beds instead of one kingsized, although we booked one. The beds were big enough for 2 people to sleep in, so we used one for sleeping and the other one for chilling ?. I feel like I’m sounding so critical until now, but I seriously just expected so much more. The room was cleaned very superficially the first day, but after telling them it improved – although, still not to the level we were used to. Beware of the cleaning personnel – they don’t always knock on the door before entering ? So, make sure to always put the keychain on the door to avoid surprises cause trust me, you don’t want any of those ?

The Hotel Service

The hotel service at the Whala Urban was really not the best – the English skills of the employees were limited, but at least they were friendly. Only the receptionists could communicate with you, the rest of the staff did not speak a single word of English, which made ordering food and drinks an adventure ?. Which brings me to my next point:

The Food

Seriously, guys!!! The food was horrible –  I have no idea what kind of chef they had working while we were there but it was really, really bad. We had breakfast included but the food didn’t look appetizing at all. There were no healthy choices besides porridge and that one was as liquid as water 80% of the time. The fruits were fresh and good, which cannot be said about the juices they offer. Very often, if not every morning, we were told that we could not get what we wished to order because they wouldn’t have the fruits. We also tried ordering some omelette but the 2 times we ordered it, it was raw, so couldn’t really be eaten?.

One evening, we didn’t want to leave the hotel and thought we’d give the snack bar a try – again, a mistake haha. We ordered a burger and a sandwich with fries and the fries were also raw and sloppy. I wish I wouldn’t have to be so tough on this review, but the food was freaking terrible?.

The Gym

We went training every morning and the gym was alright. You have everything you need for a workout – a cross-trainer, bike and treadmill, along with some weights and lat pull-down station. There was almost always cold water to drink and the AC also worked perfectly fine ??.

The Pool

The only really positive thing about the Whala Urban was the nice pool facilities. We had the whole pool area to ourselves quite often, which was really, really nice when we wanted to have a little break from the sellers (and all other people to be quite honest haha) ???

All in all, it was alright but if you’re looking for something good, you should go somewhere else. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or email me.

Thanks for stopping by again & blog to you soon!

Love, M.

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