Hey peeps! Finally got around to posting these cool pictures I shot together with my friend during quarantine. They are shot at Superkilen in the Nørrebro city part of Copenhagen – the striped place. There are so many photo opportunities there, it’s crazy. I think I could spend 3 hours there haha. A MUST […]

M3 Underground Vibes

Hey peeps! Hope you are all doing great! Today’s post has A LOT of pictures 😛 Sorry about that but I couldn’t decide which photos to post!? They all turned out so cool, I couldn’t bring myself not to post them all haha 😀 I wanted to share this ABSOLUTELY stunning and instaworthy place in […]

5 healthy restaurants in Copenhagen

Hi healthy friends ? Today I’d like to share the top 5 healthy restaurants in Copenhagen with you. Obviously, if you live in Denmark or have visited, you probably know that it’s a country that’s really advocating a healthy lifestyle – which is why you’ll have no trouble finding healthy snacks and protein bars wherever you […]

Photo spot in Copenhagen

Hey loves! Hope you are all doing great and enjoying your Sunday evening, I certainly am. I’ve had quite a busy weekend, doing lots of productive stuff. Right now, I’m sitting on my couch, being surrounded by scented candles and smelling the protein cake Fabian is making. Yesterday was a good day, we got an […]