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*This post is in collaboration with Hunkemöller


Hi peeps

It’s been a while. I took a break from blogging because I honestly just didn’t feel motivated to do so with all life stuff going on. But now I’m back and I have so much to tell you!! 

There was this whole Denmark being under lock down thingy, you were supposed to stay home as much as possible. That meant that I had to work from home until further notice, I couldn’t go to the gym, go out for dinner with friends, get drinks with family etc. It was pretty tough, I’m not gonna lie. So while a lot of people felt super motivated to learn new skills or get to stuff they never had time for, the only thing I was motivated for was eating too much and watching movies lmao.

After quarantine I started getting back into the gym and it felt SO GOOD to be back! Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed my home workouts as well. But after spending all day working from home for 3 months straight, you kinda wanna leave the apartment at some point haha. I was really craving a change of scenery. So when the lock down was finally revoked and the gyms were allowed to open their doors again, you bet your ass I was almost sprinting to it hahaha. It felt like a new chapter in my life, so I felt like I needed to reward myself with some fresh workout clothing. And so I did 😀 

Remember the shorts from this post you all asked for that were sold out for so long?! Well, they’re back!!! 

Now, I have the same feeling again, but for whatever reason it revolves specifically around sports bras haha. I feel like I always had so ugly but functional sports bras, or just really old ones. I have no idea why I don’t change sports bras so often? So I decided it was time to change my whole sports bra drawer and since I really loved my last workout wear I bought from Hunkemöller, I thought I’d show you which one’s I went for:


#1 Basic Black

It’s always good to have a basic black sports bra in your wardrobe – it goes with literally anything. Get the bra HERE




#2 Stability Focus

Another focus for me was that I at least have 1 sports bra that is super stable to keep everything in it’s place when I’m running and is comfy. It’s just a bonus that it looks cute. Get the bra HERE.



#3 Cute Cross Back

And the last one I got was this cute cross back one for when I’m feeling myself haha! Sometimes (a majority of the times) I look uncool and just wear oversized t-shirts when working out, but other times I also just like to rock a cute sports bra and high waisted leggings. Get the bra HERE.




That’s it from me today!

Thanks for stopping by again & blog to you soon (hopefully! :D)

Love, M.


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