The sand dunes of Maspalomas

Posing in the desert or sand dunes of Maspalomas

Standing in the dunes of Maspalomas with a long flower dress

Close of with rayban sunglasses and red lipstick in the sand dunes of Maspalomas Gran Canaria

Portrait in the sand dunes of maspalomas gran canaria


Sitting on the sand dunes in maspalomas gran canaria

My boyfriend standing on a sand dune in maspalomas gran canaria

my boyfriend looking into the far desert in gran canaria

talking on the phone with my oneplus 3t in the sand dunes of maspalomas gran canaria

Obviously I found the place with the best reception on the whole island to make a call

Hey again lovely people!

Before travelling to Gran Canaria, I was trying to find the best spots and most interesting attractions close to Playa del Ingles for us to see. When I found out that there is a mini-desert out there, it became number one on my must-see list and it was totally worth it! The sand dunes are one of the top tourist attractions Gran Canaria has to offer, so we just had to go see them. We rented those Electra bikes again and biked to the dunes with the mission to walk through them.

I have never seen sand dunes in real life so I was amazed by how majestic they looked. To be quite honest, I was a little worried that I would fall down one of those steep ones and not be able to get up again 😛 (my sense of distinguishing between reality and movies is quite poor, as you can tell haha). Now, I do have to admit that I chose the worst outfit ever for this 5 km long hike. BUT hey, at least I got some nice pictures out of it right?

Either way, it is a beautiful destination and was worth the sweat. If you ever happen to travel to Gran Canaria, I recommend walking through the sand dunes. What’s more, I recommend wearing an appropriate outfit 😀 If you are planning a trip there and are in need for some more detailed tips, I’d be happy to share my experience with you, so feel free to email me.

Hope you all are having a great day and are doing something productive. I just got home from the gym and have to work on some stuff for you guys.

Until next time, work it!

Love, M.


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