New Years Eve at the hospital?

Hello from Punta Cana ? First of all, happy New Year beautiful people! I hope you all had a great NYE celebration or cozy evening with friends & family! We made it safely and the airport was super nice and exotic, actually exactly like you know the Caribbean from the movies. Happy people and Merengue! ?

We got to our hotel – the Whala Urban that is located a bit away from Bavaro beach. And then we went straight to the hospital International Medical Group (which was luckily close to our hotel) ?. We waited there until a doctor could see Fabian and it turns out he has some kind of inflammation in the throat, so he got anti-biotics and some more stuff prescribed. I really hope that he will feel better soon because I feel bad he has to deal with this while we’re here ?.

Because we were at the hospital for so long, we had 3 hours to decide what we were gonna do for New Year’s haha! We decided to take a cab to a restaurant called Captain Cook at the beach and just have dinner there. It’s a grilled fish and meat restaurant and the food was quite good. We got there by taxi – we actually wanted to go somewhere else but couldn’t really communicate with the taxi driver because he didn’t speak English and so he took us to the restaurant the receptionist told him to ?. At first we didn’t realize that he didn’t understand and when I saw that we were going the wrong way with 2 sketchy guys, I thought we were on our way to be sold ? I was scared, I gotta admit that. But then we arrived and it was all good. Apart from the INSANE way people drive here, it was a nice evening ?.

Punta Cana is generally built in a way that Europeans are not used to. I’ve read that there is a lot of similarity to Los Angeles in terms of the structure of the city, so you basically have to have a car to get around. That sucks a bit because Fabian and I like to bike around usually, but I guess we’re gonna have to do that because we paid 40$ to get down to the beach and back yesterday! – which is quite expensive considering that we maybe went 10km in total.

Let’s see what we’re gonna do.

Blog to you soon!

Love, M.

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