My first summer video

Heeey guys!

After 2 months, I am finally finished with editing my summer video 😛 I do realize that summer is far behind but better late than never right?! 😀

I have been caught up with doing all kinds of things, so I was super busy and only edited when I felt like I had time for it. Also, keep in mind I had absolutely no idea how to work with Adobe Premiere Pro, so that made it extra difficult to get stuff done because it required so many hours of YouTube 😀

But here it is, I made it, it’s not the most professional video but what the heck, it’s my first video ever so cut me some slack alright? 😀

The video pretty much sums up the best summer of my life. After finishing my bachelor, travelling was the only thing on my mind. I was lucky enough to travel to 3 countries together with my boyfriend, Fabian, and get some beautiful shots from everywhere. We went to Serbia, Greece and Gran Canaria. I also went to Rome together with Fabian’s sister and his mom but somehow we didn’t manage to get any footage of me where I’m not eating lol.

Hope you enjoy this post and if you want me to do some more videos, give me a thumbs-up on the video or subscribe to my channel. That way I’ll know if I should do more videos or stop my YouTube career right here lol. If you have any questions about the places I’ve been, email me. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!

Love, M.

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