Makeup for blue eyes

makeup for blue eyes bronze nude lipstick brown earthtones

makeup for blue eyes bronze nude lipstick brown earthtones

Hey beauties ?

You’re probably wondering: Uhm, Melisa why are you posting shitty-quality selfies on the blog? Weeeell, because I’m attempting to do an amateur beauty post because it’s cold outside and because you asked for it. That’s basically why ? I asked you on Instagram today whether you wanna see my makeup routine or a day in my life post. And actually, you guys voted 50-50 so I chose to go with the makeup post first because I’ve gotten a lot of questions about it already. I have to say, I’m really happy with the kind of engagement I get, even though I only have 1,4k followers on Instagram. ?? So thanks for that, I really appreciate it!

Anyway, today is the first time I’m doing a beauty post, so bear with me here. I was thinking about filming a video for you guys because that obviously would have made things easier. However, I have no place to put my camera to film (unless I put it on the toilet and sit on the floor ?) and that made it kind of problematic to make this makeup for blue eyes post. – Wait what? 

Relax girls, you can obviously pull this look off as well no matter your eye color. BUT since I have blue eyes, I’m no expert on makeup for brown eyes but makeup for blue eyes (*duuh*) ? Okaaay, so then let’s get this makeup for blue eyes guide started, shall we?

Oh, one more thing: big disclaimer – I’m not a professional whatsoever, I just do what I see in YouTube tutorials (mostly what Alex Lynn Ward does ’cause she’s hilarious!) ?‍♀️

Makeup for blue eyes – Step #1 Face

I always start out by putting on some moisturizer, followed by my foundation. The foundation I’m currently using was actually recommended by my brother’s girlfriend. She’s all into makeup and frankly knows much more about it than me ? So I think she’s a qualified source for information on this matter.

Next, I’m using the concealer under my eyes, on my eyelids and under my cheekbones. I then use the beauty blender to beat my face ? After, I set my foundation and concealer with the loose powder and then move on to doing my eyebrows. 
makeup for blue eyes fit me maybelline foundation lov cover concealer master bronze color highlight kit transparent matt loose powder catrice radiant glow mist

Makeup for blue eyes – Step #2 Eyebrows

Yeah, I guess there’s not so much to say here. ? I start out by lining my eyebrow form and filling my brows with the brow pomade by Anastasia Beverly Hills. I got the brow pomade from Silvija, one of my friends, for my birthday. I really like the brow pomade by ABH but before I got it, I was actually using the brow pomade by Sleek. I honestly can’t tell a difference, so if you’re on a budget, you’re good to go with the Sleek brow pomade. Pinky promise ?

Afterwards, I just set my brows with the brow serum from L.O.V and go on to my for blue eyes eyebrows lov brow gel serum anastasia beverly hills dipbrow pomade

Makeup for blue eyes – Step #3 Eyes

Okay, now comes the fun part. I absolutely LOVE the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette ?? I got it as a gift from Fabian’s sister, Natasa, and her boyfriend. I’m so happy for it because it has the perfect shades for my eyes and more importantly: it smells like Ice Tea. And I love Ice Tea ? ?

Now, I start out by using the color Puree & Summer Yum in my crease and my lower lash line. Then I go in with Luscious and put that on my eye lid. Obviously, you gotta make sure to blend it out and go over with your blender brush here and there to make it look flawless. Then I line my eyes with the Dior Addict eyeliner and put some Mascara on. Seriously, girls. The Misslyn Lolita lashes mascara is the best mascara I have ever owned in my entire life. I’m not getting paid to say this, this is genuinely a great product! If you ever get the chance, make sure to try it out, it’s amazing! ? makeup for blue eyes too faced sweet peach palette misslyn lolita lashes dior addict eyelinerNow, before we move on to lips, I contour and highlight with the Master Bronze Palette from Step #1. I mix the last 2 shades to contour my cheekbones and tap my forehead a little. You know what I mean ? Then I use the 2. shade as my blush and highlight above my cheekbones, on my nose, lips and eyebrows with the 1. shade. I also spray my face with the Glow Mist before moving on.


Makeup for blue eyes – Step #4 Lips

Alright, we made it to the last step. First, I line my lips with the Kiko Milano Crayon Pencil Lip Gloss and then use the Matte Nude Devotion lipstick, nr. 900. And et voilà, you’re done. ?

makeup for blue eyes lips lov matte lipstick kiko milano pencil lip closs crayon

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and are going to try the same makeup look on yourselves. If you do, add me on Snapchat and send me a snap or simply write me. I’d love to see how your looks turned out! ?

As always, thanks for stopping by.

Blog to you soon!

Love, M.



PS: I’m having fun with pretending to have a dialog with you guys ??


  • Dana says:

    Love all these tips! Your makeup looks beautiful ❤️

  • Really enjoyed this post! Thanks for sharing

  • Lexi says:

    I LOVE peaches for blue eyes. I wear them all the time!

  • Sam says:

    Love this! Will have to try for my blue eyes! Also, your eyebrows are killer! Thanks for sharing!

  • Nafisa says:

    Love the lip colours ❤️

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