Living in a 1 bedroom apartment

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Hey guys!

Today I wanted to talk to you guys about how it is living in a 1 bedroom apartment in Copenhagen. I know a lot of people live in a small space and sometimes get frustrated and let me tell you, it can be. Especially, when you don’t live in it by yourself. I live together with my boyfriend and it’s actually a funny story on how we got this apartment. We were on a waiting list for some apartments in Copenhagen and actually went to see a bigger apartment in the same building. We said yes to the apartment but unfortunately didn’t get it. Then we got an offer on the one we live in right now, which we were also supposed to come see. Exactly that day, Fabian got sick so we didn’t end up coming and just said yes to it blindly because a) if you say no, your rank worsens on the waiting list and b) we thought we wouldn’t get it anyway haha. Joke’s on us cause we of course got it 🙂 Big lol!

Fabian and I didn’t want to rent a big apartment to begin with because we wanted to be able to save up for buying an apartment/house. That doesn’t change the fact that it’s sometimes frustrating to live in a small space. When I see other people in their cute, spacious apartments or houses and I catch myself longing for the same. But here’s how I deal with it:

1. Make space

I cannot stress this enough. Get rid of clutter! Clutter is useless in big spaces as well but it really makes me anxious and stressed because the space is so small already. Having a lot of clutter lieing around makes me feel like I’m suffocating slowly. Self Storage Rooms are life savers when it comes to this!

2. Furnish smartly

Pinterest is your friend! Search for studio apartment inspo and you’ll be able to put together a super cute apartment on a budget! IKEA also has a lot of smart furniture like small and foldable dinner tables etc. Small spaces don’t have to be ugly! You have to feel comfortable, so put a little extra effort into how to furnish it most optimally 🙂


3. Think of the bigger picture

You won’t live there forever. The benefit of having a small apartment is the low rent 😀 The extra cash can contribute to your next vacation or some extra restaurant visits, or just go into your savings account for something even better. Besides, it’s REAL plus that cleaning doesn’t take long haha! Always try to see the positive in everything 😉


Thanks for stopping by today & blog to you soon!

Love, M.

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