How to stay motivated to study

how to stay motivated study tips ootd outfit of the day casual look hoodie chunky sneakers jeans

how to stay motivated study tips ootd outfit of the day casual look hoodie chunky sneakers jeans

how to stay motivated study tips ootd outfit of the day casual look hoodie chunky sneakers jeans

how to stay motivated study tips ootd outfit of the day casual look hoodie chunky sneakers jeans

Motivation – a reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way, per definition. Isn’t it funny that we all manage to do things when we are forced to but for some reason always tend to find excuses when we don’t actually HAVE to do things. It’s not realistic to be motivated all the time, I know that. But it’s also not realistic to expect things to come to you just because you want them to. If it were like that, we would all be kings & queens, driving around in fancy cars on our own islands right?

I’ve been studying for a lot of years now and actually never had the problem of not being able to get my shit together. I may procrastinate a little here and there but in the end I always get my stuff done on time. That said, this is actually another highly requested post you suggested on Instagram – which is quite flattering because it means you think I’m motivating hihi thanks <3 So, I wanna share some tips on how to stay motivated to study:

#1 Keep an eye on the prize

Think about the reason you started your education in the first place – to get the qualifications for your dream job, get an above average paycheck or whatever else that is. And what I mean by that is REALLY think about what you want. The education you’re taking is (in most cases) the fastest and only way to get to your final destination. This is what has to be completed for you to get closer and closer to your dreams. I say in most cases because there may be different ways to achieve these goals, nevertheless, those are most likely going to be some detours that, in the end, anyway lead you back to the main way – taking the required education for the job you desire.

Ask people around you that have no specific higher education, I bet that most times the only barrier between them and the job they wished they had is an educational requirement they don’t fulfill. And honestly, often you’ll find yourself in a situation where you have to study something you don’t really feel excited about. Take a step back and realize that it’s a required stepping stone on the way to your future.

With that being said, it’s important to constantly keep an eye on the prize. Visualize your goals & dreams – make a mood board, print it and put it above your desk, on your mirror or set it as your screensaver or background on your devices. Put it literally any place you will get reminded by it. It’s been proven that when you have a picture in your mind of what you wish to achieve, your mind can hold onto something solid and move towards it. So do it, it helps with staying focused.


#2 Prep your mood

One key tip for staying motivated to study is to approach it with a positive vibe. I always put my headphones on and listen to some of my favorite songs on max volume that put me in a good mood to kick ass before starting a study session.

“Being stressed, tired or worried will only overwork an already overworked mind and body, decreasing your ability to retain any new information. Spending 5-10 minutes preparing your mind and body can nearly double your learning capacity” – Allan Goldman. The quote is from a book I read and it’s about how to study effectively (I’ll link to it at the bottom of the post). I could not agree more with what he’s saying. Relax and approach things with a positive attitude.


#3 Reward yourself

Yeah, I’m not talking about rewarding yourself with a Snickers or something. With every exam or semester successfully completed, reward yourself with something you don’t usually get. Make a deal with your friends or parents to go travel ✈️, do a special activity, buy something you really want after you fulfilled your goals. Once you make achieving smaller goals a habit, it’s the most fulfilling feeling because you get to be proud of yourself and obviously get a reward for it.

It may sound stupid to you but it works, that way your brain will associate studying with a positive outcome and it won’t be so hard to get going with studying anymore.

In conclusion, you have to find that I-have-to mentality and transcend it into everything you do.


That’s everything I have to offer you. If you want to get a little bit more into detail, I recommend reading this book:

Accelerated Learning by Allan Goldman

I’ve had some real revelations while reading it.

Again, thanks for stopping by again & recommending all these great topics for blog posts! ❤️

Blog to you soon!

Love, M.

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