Quarantine Chronicles

Hey peeps!

As you know from my Instagram, I’m working from home for the foreseeable future. Denmark is in lock-down due to the Corona virus. That means my gym is closed and I had to get creative, training at home. I had a lot of you guys reach out to me, asking for some more home workout videos. And I thought I’d also share the home workout plan I created for free, so we all can train together from home in tough times like this. I feel like it’s not a problem to train legs and abs from home, but I actually had to do some more thinking in terms of upper body. But I think I set up a pretty good plan 😀 The Monday leg workout had me sore for 3 days :’D I had trouble sitting down hahaha.

Hope you guys enjoy and find this helpful. If you wanna see how to do the exercises, head over to my Instagram. I saved the workouts in my GYM highlight and posted the whole video with a voice over, explaining the exercises on my IGTV 🙂


free home workout plan no equipment needed corona quarantine workouts




Happy training!

Lots of Love, M.

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