December Life Update

Hey peeps! I hope you’re doing great – I know, I know. I’m really bad at being consistent with posting, sorry about that! But I’ve got a lot of posts coming at you for BLOGMAS!

So what’s new in my life right now?

In short:

a) I changed my diet to plant-based only.

b) I’m on a weightloss journey.

More deets on this stuff very soon!

In terms of the blog, I’ve got a collaboration going on with Pelican self-storage that you’ll be hearing a lot more about soon. But I’ll basically be reviewing one of their storage room for 6 months and think about utilizing it to optimize space at my little apartment in Copenhagen. If you’re also limited on space, stay tuned to get more infos.

Also working with Hunkemöller and Rut&Circle right now. You will LOVE the Hunkemöller post!!

That’s already it from me today!

Blog to you soon ?

Love, M.

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