Cannabis for allergies?!

Hey peeps ??

Today I wanted to share my experience with supplements based on hemp. I have pretty severe allergies against dogs and cats, horses, down feathers and dust. As soon as I touch a cat, I get rashes everywhere looking like this:

sana hemp cannabis allergies cure heal

It feels super itchy and is spread all over my arms, legs and face. On top of that, I have the “normal” symptoms like sneezing, teary eyes, congested nose etc. If I don’t leave the environment that makes me have allergic reactions within a couple of hours or take any allergy pills, I even start having breathing problems. That is because I have allergic asthma. I really have trouble breathing that will not get better until I take my asthma sprays. So I’d say my reaction’s pretty bad ?.

It was even worse when I was younger, I would get weird red dots all over my back that would look and feel like mosquito bites. Travelling with me was a nightmare. My mom always had to clean the apartments or hotel rooms we would stay at for a second time to make sure I could be in there. She would bring my own pillow and blanket just in case the hotel’s were out of down feathers.

Recently, I just got so frustrated with it and started researching. I thought there has to be a way for me to heal my allergies and not just relief my symptoms by taking medication?! I started reading more about how cannabis sativa could help cure allergies and got in touch with my boyfriend’s cousin. She runs a successful supplement business based on hemp products and healed her own allergies as well this way. So I thought it’s a pretty credible testimonial ?. We talked and she sent me these products to try:


sana hemp cannabis allergies cure healRead more here


sana hemp cannabis allergies cure healRead more heresana hemp cannabis allergies cure healRead more here

sana hemp cannabis allergies cure healRead more heresana hemp cannabis allergies cure heal

Read more here


I started taking her supplements about 3 weeks ago, and wanted to test their effect out last weekend when I visited my parents. My parents have 2 dogs and a cat, so it was the perfect environment to check whether the supplements would help me or not. When I first walked in, it started being the same as usual – rashes, sneezing, etc. But on the 2. day, it was already better than normally. The rashes were not as bad, the nose congestion also wasn’t as extreme as it usually is and so on. So I think I may be onto something here.

Obviously healing allergies doesn’t happen over the course of 2 weeks, I will continue taking the supplements and test it out for several months to see if anything changes and will then update you on more details of how the products work and generally about benefits of taking hemp supplements.

Stay tuned!

Thanks for stopping by again & blog to you soon!

Love, M.

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