Black Outfit in Greece

black outfit wall paralia katerini rayban daniel wellingtonwall along the beach in paralia katerini black outfit summer

wall along the beach in paralia katerini

black marc jacobs bag rose gold daniel wellington bracelet

daniel wellington watch and acryl nails details

flower details So here I am sitting in my bed, drinking tea and listening to the raindrops on the window – dreaming myself back to Greece. It is nice to think back to this vacation because it is getting really cold in Denmark. The leather sandals I am wearing are one of my favorites even though they are more than 7 years old!! It’s so unbelievable that they are still in so good shape considering that they are so old. I bought them in Italy and paid around 100€ for them and I remember that I had such a bad conscious for paying so much money for freaking sandals – but I am so glad that I decided to buy them anyway! The rest of the outfit is more or less from Missguided and Marc Jacobs. As you can see I am wearing all black, like I usually am. I actually don’t know what it is with me and black but I just feel like it fits me the best.

Anyway, I have to go to the gym now and study for my Java class tomorrow. Hope you guys are also doing something productive!

Until next time – work it!

Love, M.

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