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workout plan for january leg focused building legs and butt


Get the template here: Template 1


workout planner working out gym planner workout planner


Get the template here: Template 2


workout planner purple orange goals workout goals gym healthy lifestyle trainingGet the template here: Template 3

Heeey loves!

Let’s start the new year out on a positive note 😀 Today I thought I’d share my January workout plan with you and the templates that I use to plan my workouts. I think it’s important to visualize your goals, so I do the same with my workout plans. Having a pretty workout plan you can print out is like having nice-looking food in front of you – it makes everything much more appealing, right?!

I always hated that all the girls I was following for gym stuff never posted their whole workout plans on social media, or at least didn’t share them for free. So I wanted to do that differently and give you the possibility to download my workout plan for January and also 3 templates to design your own workout plan (no worries, you can just download the whole thing for free, no strings attached haha). As you can see, my workout plan for this month is quite based on legs/booty but we gotta get them buns ready for summer right?! 6 months until summer girls!! 😀 I specifically didn’t add any weights to the plan because they depend on how I feel each day, but if you are new to the gym and don’t know what to do, just email me, I’m happy to help 🙂

If you want me to post videos to show the exercises, head over to my Instagram Story and vote on my poll, so I know 🙂 Also if you do try out the workouts, send me some Instagram snaps, I’d love to hear what you think of the workouts!

Happy sweating!

Lots of love, M.



  • Really would love cheap meal planning right along with these work outs!!

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