What to bring in your hand luggage

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I got a little travel action going on the next few months, so I thought I’d get into expanding my travel category here on the blog. Today I want to talk to you about my personal preferences on what to bring in your hand luggage. As you know, Fabian & I traveled to the Dominican Republic in January (more on that here). It was our first long distance flight and I really spent some time thinking about what to bring in my hand luggage on board. Your girl likes to be prepared for everything at all times – ain’t no shame in that 😀 So let’s get into it, shall we?!

Tip #1: Valuables

what to bring in your hand luggage carry on essentials for long distance flights

Apart from the most obvious ones stuff wallet & passport, you want to bring anything valuable you want to bring on this vacation. This is especially important if you have some layovers because there’s a chance that your suitcase will be lost. You don’t wanna end up having a nervous breakdown because you put your great grandma’s  expensive necklace in that suitcase.  Therefore, I advise to pack your most valuable things such as jewelry, expensive bags etc. into your carry-on that you have on you at all times.


Tip #2: Electronics

what to bring in your hand luggage carry on essentials for long distance flights

This goes hand-in-hand with the previous tip. Since your electronics most likely are also of value, you should pack them as well. I brought my laptop, Kindle, headphones, my cameras and a power bank. But most people bring electronics in their carry-on luggage anyway for entertainment purposes, so this is probably not new to you.


Tip #3: Clothing

what to bring in your hand luggage carry on essentials for long distance flights

Very. Important. You obviously want to travel in comfortable stuff when flying long distance. I’ve never really understood people that travel in fancy clothing?! You’re welcome to explain me your point of view in the comment section below haha. But one thing I’ve learned was a necessity for me to bring on board is fluffy socks. I am always cold on my feet on planes for whatever reason, so I always bring thick socks with me to be warm and extra comfy.

Apart from that, I suggest you bring a second outfit for when you land. This is particularly important when your travel destination has a different climate than your country of departure. When we travelled to Punta Cana, it was Winter in Denmark but Summer over there and stepping out of the plane in winter clothing would have resulted in a heat stroke?. So pack a t-shirt and shorts to change to before you’re landing or at the airport before walking out.


Tip #4: Beauty and Medicine Kit

what to bring in your hand luggage carry on essentials for long distance flights

I made a small beauty and medicine bag for the long flight. I bought one of those see-through bags and filled it with mini versions of products I normally use. We’re talking: mouthwash, tooth brush and paste, disinfection gel, wet wipes, painkillers, nose spray, face cream, lip balm and floss ?. It was all there baby. I didn’t end up using all of it but I sure liked the feeling of being prepared for anything haha. Like mother, like daughter, I guess ?


Tip #5: Snacks & Refreshments

what to bring in your hand luggage carry on essentials for long distance flights

And I’m finishing off with another very important tip: snacks & refreshments. It is really important you hydrate on the plane, even if that means you’ll have to go to the bathroom a couple of times. Make sure you buy a lot of water at the airport before boarding the plane! I still haven’t quite understood the concept of bringing your own food in hand luggage – not sure what exactly is allowed and what not. But you should research what is and bring some of your own food and snacks to save some money. Bring a lot of fruit and nuts to keep you busy in between meals that you’re served on the plane. Because let’s face it, there is no airline that can possibly still my hunger for snacks ?.


And that is already it from me today. I hope you’ll find this post useful for your next trip.

Thanks for stopping by again & blog to you soon!

Lots of Love, M.

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