What to know before travelling to Punta Cana

Hey peeps 🥥 I’m back home after 2 weeks in the Dominican Republic. It was a really nice trip and we got to experience a lot, but honestly, it’s great to be home again 😅! Before travelling, I tried to read a lot about our travel destination but didn’t find many of the things that I […]

Playa Bibijagua

Hej peeps 🥥 Hope you are all doing great! I’m currently waiting for Fabian to come back from the gym. I’m having a rest day today and will get back to the gym fully energized tomorrow 💪. I wanted to share a few pictures from Playa Bibijagua, a public beach in Punta Cana, today. Fabian […]

Lunch spot in Punta Cana

Hej! 🥥 I’m sitting here, waiting for Fabian to get up so we can have breakfast! 🍳🥓- I’m so hungry! While I’m waiting, I thought I’d pop a quick blog post about a lunch spot in Punta Cana. The pictures are from the day before yesterday, when the weather wasn’t too awesome, so we just walked […]

New Years Eve at the hospital?

Hello from Punta Cana 🥥 First of all, happy New Year beautiful people! I hope you all had a great NYE celebration or cozy evening with friends & family! We made it safely and the airport was super nice and exotic, actually exactly like you know the Caribbean from the movies. Happy people and Merengue! 😂 We got […]

Up in the air

Hey peeps 💕 Here goes a blog post I wrote on the plane on our way to Punta Cana 🌴. Yesterday was a stressful day – obviously because I had to leave almost everything I had to do for the last day before our trip😁. I got up in the morning and went to a class […]