From summer to fall in 5 steps

standing in rome in the red flared sleeves dress from mango

leaning against wall in Rome in the red flared sleeves dress from mango

leaning against the wall with diesel leather jacket flared sleeves dress and black leather over knees boots

leaning against the wall with diesel leather jacket flared sleeves dress and black leather over knees boots

details photo of diesel leather jacket and daniel wellington rose gold watch

black leather over knees boots from Zara

Hey loves!

We are in the midst of fall and I am now finally ready to let go of my summer pictures. Here’s my little guide on how to put together some new fall looks without spending any money. I put together a little collage with the different pieces I am wearing with links to them at the bottom of the post, so keep scrolling 🙂



1.Put some music on and open your wardrobe

So, the first thing I usually do is put on some music to get in a good mood. This part is very important for me as music helps me to get creative and enjoy the process of putting together my outfits. After all, you want to have some fun doing this, right?!

Then I open all the doors to my wardrobe, so I can see everything I own – even the invisible pieces that are hiding in the corners that you haven’t seen in 2 years.


2. Choose your summer pieces

After that I start taking out some of my favorite summer pieces and lay them all out on the bed.

Next, I pick out a dress or skirt I would usually wear in the summer and start thinking about how I could wear this without being cold for this fall season.


3. Try some different combinations

Now comes the fun part. I start taking a summer piece on (like for example the red dress from the pictures) and then combine it with some tights and jackets or comfy knits. I just try out some combinations until I like the look of something.


4. Pick out matching shoes

Picking out shoes is my favorite part because I am a shoe addict. When I moved to Denmark, my boyfriend couldn’t cope with all the shoes I brought with me! But what can I say? –  in my opinion, shoes are what make an outfit complete. My shoes would actually deserve their very own blog post lol! However, for the sake of this post, I will just continue shortly.

I absolutely love boots, and all the shapes and styles they come in. For a regular school or work day, my go-to boots are flat over knees or black leather ankle boots. I have to commute to school and work, therefore, I have to run to catch a train or a bus quite often. So, it’s more convenient for me to have flats on. But I occasionally do wear heels as well, and I totally encourage you to do the same because they are just fabulous and help you with your posture, so you look more elegant.


5. Be fabulous

This part is the most important one. When you’re done with all the matching and trying, it’s time the world sees your fabulous style, as it is a way to express your personality. Go out there, take some pictures and post them, so people can have some inspiration.

I would love it if you tagged me on your pictures on Instagram or Facebook or just use the hashtag #thefallmovement so we can have our own little community and inspire each other!


Hope you enjoyed this post! 🙂

Until next time,

Love, M.



Shop this fall look here:

The sandals I am wearing in the first picture are from Greece but you can get similar one’s from Birkenstock. I am also wearing a real leather jacket from Diesel but I wasn’t able to find it anymore online, so I linked to a similar jacket from Asos.

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