Welcome to my life

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Hey people 😍 The other day, I was at the gym with one of my closest friends and we were talking about the blog and possible blog topics etc. And she made a really good point about me posting about who I am as a person. And I think she’s right, I just assumed that you […]

Why being nerdy is the new black

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Hi people 🤓 Today I want to talk to you about something I really think is important: being nerdy   Ok, you can see what nerdy means by definition, even though we probably all know what that means. I bet 80% of you guys have called somebody you know or even yourself a nerd. I’ve given this […]

Spring florals

Hey loves 🖤 I’ve been waiting for this day to come. I bought this beautiful floral dress a week ago but haven’t had the opportunity to wear it because it’s been so cold 😫 – until yesterday 😏. So I got it out from the dark corners of my closet that hardly ever see the sunlight (kinda like myself […]

Spring Beauty Favorites

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Hi beauties 🌸 In the desperate need for rays of sunshine, I’ve decided to prep my winter-dry skin with the most moisturizing skincare products out there to get it nice and soft for the Spring season. I actually started this mission ca. 2 weeks ago, when I thought it was actually going to be Spring because I […]

Makeup for blue eyes

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Hey beauties 🖤 You’re probably wondering: Uhm, Melisa why are you posting shitty-quality selfies on the blog? Weeeell, because I’m attempting to do an amateur beauty post because it’s cold outside and because you asked for it. That’s basically why 😂 I asked you on Instagram today whether you wanna see my makeup routine or a day in […]

Instagram Story Template

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Hi beauties 🖤 I’ve been seeing these Instagram Story Templates on so many people’s stories now – so, I got inspired to create my very own version of these for you to download and use on your own Instagram stories 🎉 I think these are a great (and more importantly a pretty) way to show your followers a […]

Spring Shopping – My ZAFUL Wishlist

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Hi loves 🖤 It’s been sunny the last couple of days in Copenhagen (besides today :’D) and I started feeling like Spring is finally coming closer. What better way to welcome Spring than to start Spring Shopping?! 🎉  Sooo, I thought I’d share my Spring Shopping favorites from ZAFUL with you.   Spring Shopping #1: Bikinis […]