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I’m a 25-year old e-business graduate and aspiring entrepreneur that loves to spread a good spirit and motivation, while inspiring to stay healthy and dress fancy. Like a lot of other fashion bloggers, I love travelling and fashion, but I also have a particular interest in a plant-based and wholesome lifestyle. I’m sharing all my life experiences with you along with all the stuff I wish I would have known earlier – kinda like being your big-blogger-sister. Enjoy!



Allaboutmelisa launched in September 2017 to be an online diary of my life, experiences and outfits. Since then, I discovered how passionate I was to share my thoughts with an online community that had the same interests as me and try to make a positive difference in young girls’ and women’s lives with promoting a holistic view on health.

If you would like to get some stats on my audience, please contact me, so I can send you my media kit.