5 extremely lazy habits that make my life miserable

Here’s what’s up. There are lazy things in my life that I can’t explain myself, so I’m just gonna put it out there and secretly hope you do some of it as well ? Most of these things are gonna come biting me in the ass at some later point so I’m basically just postponing the pain – which makes absolutely zero sense.




I’m gonna have to work on all of these unbelievably lazy things but until then:




#1: Not taking my protein shaker out of my gym bag

I’m in doubt if I’m being lazy or just stupid? That thing stinks like a mother**cker when I take it out the next day when I pack my gym bag. I don’t understand why I keep doing this because I work out almost every day? It’s not like it’s anything new that needs getting used to?





#2: Throwing away an unused q-tip

This is probably one of the laziest shit I do. I take out a couple q-tips, only use a few and throw the rest out ??? WHAT?!





#3: Not brushing my hair after I shower

Yeah… I gotta admit to that one. My hair is so long right now that it’s a nightmare to brush it – so I just don’t ? Which is even worse because my hair feels like hay if I put it in a bun without brushing it and go to sleep like that. I’m a mess.






#4: Letting my phone, computer, etc. die instead of getting the charger

This laziness is on a whole other level. I mean at some point the inevitable happens and I’m gonna need to use the device again and have to get the charger ANYWAY. So why do I do this? ?






#5: Not washing the dishes right away

Oh, this is an original. I don’t have a dishwasher. Let me say that again don’t have a dishwasher. Let that sink in.




This is such a pain in the ass, and I just can’t cope with this shit. Which is funny cause I’m gonna have to cope with it as soon as I need something to cook ?? Oh well…


These were some of the lazy things that make my life miserable (that I keep doing anyway because I apparently like to torture myself for some reason). I strongly hope some of this is relatable and I’m not the only one with weird lazy habits like that ?

Comment below some lazy shit that you do (so I can feel better about myself ?).

That was it from me today. Like always, thanks for stopping by and I’ll blog to you soon!

Love, M.


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