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I’ve been seeing these Instagram Story Templates on so many people’s stories now – so, I got inspired to create my very own version of these for you to download and use on your own Instagram stories 🎉 I think these are a great (and more importantly a pretty) way to show your followers a little bit more personal details about yourself, even if it is random stuff. I spent a great deal of time on making these and I have to say I’m really happy with the results. I enjoyed making them a lot and hope some of you will actually think they’re pretty and use them 😂

Instagram Story Template #1:

instagram story template about me free template freebies


Alright, the first Instagram Story Template was inspired by what I think would be funny to see from other people. I’m always interested in these kinds of random things about people, music taste, humor and Google (literally 😂) can tell a lot about people.

Get the ABOUT ME template


Instagram Story Template #2:


instagram story template emoji story free template freebies

Get the EMOJI LIFE template

And onto the next Instagram Story Template. Let’s be honest, we all have written an email or two where we wanted to add some emojis but remembered that it may be a little too informal to do so 😂 This shows how important emojis are in our lives 🤓 So, I thought it could be funny to express these things in emojis as well hihi.


Instagram Story Template #3:



instagram story template free template freebies

Get the INSTA CRUSH template

I like this template because it let’s the people that we are inspired by know that they actually are inspiring other people and that we are appreciative of their efforts. Let’s spread some love on Instagram! ❣


Instagram Story Template #4:


instagram story template free template freebies

Get the MY MORNING template

Do you know the feeling of sleeping over at another person’s house and waking up in the morning to their morning routines and feeling somehow weird? But I don’t mean weird in a negative way, just weird. When I was smaller I used to think it was interesting to compare other families’ mornings to my own family’s 👀 #LowKeyPsycho? 😅 Anyway, I still think it’s weird heeence the interest in making this template 😅


Instagram Story Template #5:


instagram story template free template freebies

Get the THIS OR THAT template

And we’re already at the last template. There’s really no funny/inspiring story behind why I made this, I just saw other people doing it so I did it as well 😂 (talk about peer pressure lol).

If you’re interested in my filled out answers, head over to my Instagram account.

I hope you liked this post and can use the templates for your own profiles, whether that is to joke around or promote your business. As always, thanks for stopping by 🖤

Blog to you soon!

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