Funny valentines day cards

Alright people. Valentines day is around the corner, so I thought I’d share some funny valentines day cards with you, so that you can share them with your loved ones. I think it’s important to let people close to you know every once in a while how much you love and appreciate them, and what better way to do that than to make them laugh? Funny valentines day cards are a nice workaround that replace those cheesy cards that create awkward moments because they are stating something you normally would maybe not say, so it’s just cringy lol. This is especially weird when you are in the beginning of a relationship and don’t know each other that well yet 😛 I feel like funny valentines day cards also work well for people that are anti-valentines day because they are so atypical but still show that you put some thought into that day. More or less, I feel like these types of cards reflect my personality the best, heeence I’m blogging about them. 😀

Ok you guys, I’ve got 10 funny valentines day cards that should cover different profiles, so let’s get started. 😛

#1: The Cat Lover

funny valentines day card for the catlover


#2: The Food Lover

funny valentines day card for the food lover

funny valentines day card for the food lover


#3: The Spacey One

funny valentines day card for the space lover


#4: The Medical One

funny valentines day card for the medical one


#5: The Bitter One

funny valentines day card for the bitter one

funny valentines day card for the bitter one

funny valentines day card for the bitter one


#6: The Gamer

funny valentines day card for the gamer

funny valentines day card for the gamer


Hopefully, there is a card that fits to you and can be used for your loved ones. Stay tuned for more updates revolving around Valentine’s day.

But enough about that right now, let me give you a short life update. I’m back in Denmark after a week’s vacation in Austria, visiting my family. It was so nice to relax and not having to deal with any chores at all, Hotel Mom & Dad always got its charm 😛 But now it’s time to get back to reality, duty calls. Currently, I’m sitting in our bedroom surrounded by moving boxes because we finally got an apartment in Copenhagen, which we are moving to this Sunday! I’m so excited about that because that means finally no more hours of transportation *whoop whoop*. Also I get to have much more possibilities to take some nice city pictures for the blog and my social channels. I no longer have to plan the days for shooting, Fabian and I can just walk out the door whenever we feel like it, so that’s a huge plus!

Also, the next semester started yesterday for both of us. I’m really excited about this semester because of the iOS app development course both Fabian and I chose, so we’ll be developing an app prototype for iPhones together! How nice is that?! Then I can cross that off my NYE resolution hihi!

Exciting things are happening in my life right now and I can’t wait to take you along the ride.

Until next time!

Lots of Love, M.


PS: My exam is on Valentine’s Day, how romantic is that 😛 


  • kumamonjeng says:

    These cards are really funny and made me laugh! And I love the one goes : I would pause my game for u. Lol. Well, cards really bring a lot joy if you pick the right one. I guess I am going to find one for this V day!

  • JC says:

    How are you planning to spend Valentines❤️ with your boyfriend?

  • JC says:

    How are you planning to spend Valentines ❤️ with your boyfriend?

  • Totally love these valentines day cards! They are whimsical and fun. Congratulations on your move – very exciting things ahead!! I look forward to hearing more ?

  • Haha some of these made me laugh – Buy me Pizza and im yours is such a good one – I like a funny card much more pleasing x

  • Noelle Lynne says:

    OMG have the perfect recipient for the cat lover card!

  • Elizabeth O says:

    Love these cards, I am all for a funny one. I really like the “Oh I just hate you less” one, I really laughed at that. I once got a card that said “Dont go bacon my heart” I loved it!!

  • LOL I love the gamer ones and bitter one. I know people like this… And the medical one was hysterical!

  • Preet says:

    These are all so cute, made me smile 🙂 Love this compilation of funny valentine’s cards

  • Haha .. a few of them make me chuckle. I love these. Something I would definitely give to my husband.


  • Meghna Dixit says:

    I really loved these valentine’s day card ideas. I have made a gift list on my blog too. Please do check it out

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