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Welcome to my second post in my Bachelorette Talk series! Today I wanted to share some collaborative software that will make your life a whole lot easier while planning a Bachelorette weekend. Some of you may already be very familiar with these but may not have thought of them for planning purposes. Keep in mind that I specifically chose collaborative software because you often also get to plan Bachelorette parties or whatever it is you are planning, together with at least another person. So, let’s jump right into it!

If you know me, you also know that I am the biggest Google advocate. I just love their software, seriously. If you’re from Google and reading this, please hire me? ?

1. Google Docs

Obviously, the first collaborative software I wanna introduce you to is Google Docs. It’s basically like an online version of Microsoft Word but just better. You can share it with multiple people and work simultaneously on the document all together. I used Google Docs just to write down some notes or organize my thoughts. Little side note here: Google Docs is also my go-to software for exam papers, whether in a group or not.

2. Google Sheets

Now, Google Sheets is like the online version of Microsoft Excel. Silvija and I used it a lot for the Bachelorette Weekend planning, especially when we had to account for costs of activities and so on. It’s a great tool and has so many useful functions. I’d say Google Sheets is a must for budget planning ?.

3. Google Calendar

Okay guys, of all the Google products, I think I’ve found my absolute favourite so far. Google Calendar is the best calendar I have ever downloaded and used – and trust me when I say this, I’ve spent hours on the App Store, trying to find the perfect calendar ?. If you’re wondering Okay Melisa, wtf? Why would I need a calendar for planning a Bachelorette Party? Well, you’re about to find out. I used Google Calendar to create a schedule for the Bachelorette weekend so that every attendee can just check their calendar to find out what the next activity is or when to meet where etc. You can invite people by adding them per email and get an overview of which guests are attending and which are not, add some notes to the calendar event such as booking confirmations etc. so that you don’t have to search for the documents or print them out. Plus – if it can recognize some words in your event like for example “dinner”, it will add a background photo for the event resembling your activity OR if it has some photos of the place you’re going to (if you input the address) it will add a picture of that e.g. a restaurant, hotel etc. For people like me that love attention to detail, this is heaven ?

Also, Google Calendar is pretty awesome because whenever you book a flight, hotel, restaurant reservation etc. per email (if you have Gmail), it will automatically be added to your calendar with all the details the email contains. I’m sorry but can it be any cooler?

4. Facebook Events

Now this one might be pretty obvious, but Silvija and I created a Facebook Event for the Bachelorette Weekend and invited all the girls participating. That way, you have a means of communication with all the attendees, can post important information related to the Bachelorette and create polls to vote on stuff. I think Facebook offers some very convenient functions for planning events, which is why I consider it also as collaborative software.

5. Canva

I love Canva because I literally use it to create visuals for everything, so the Bachelorette wasn’t exempted either. I used Canva for creating the bridal games, Instagram stories, table posters etc. The opportunities are endless, you guys!!

6. Trello

We actually didn’t use Trello for planning my sister-in-law’s Bachelorette and I have no idea why?! I use Trello for my blog posts and also for school to keep an overview over all the tasks that need to be done. Trello presents your tasks in a visually pleasing way. If you check it out, you’ll know what I mean.

7. Pinterest Boards

And lastly, OBVIOUSLY Pinterest. I created a Pinterest board only for Bachelorette parties to get some inspiration of what other’s have done so far and have made it into a collaborative board, so that Silvija could also add her visuals. We created sections within the board for Food, Drinks, Decor, Games etc. to keep a better overview. It’s always good to have a visual mood board you can get inspired by, it makes things also much more fun because you get to picture how yours could actually look like.


That’s it from me today! I hope you found this post useful 🙂

Thanks for stopping by today & blog to you soon!

Love, M.

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