Why being nerdy is the new black

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Hi people ? Today I want to talk to you about something I really think is important: being nerdy   Ok, you can see what nerdy means by definition, even though we probably all know what that means. I bet 80% of you guys have called somebody you know or even yourself a nerd. I’ve given this […]

Let’s talk about goals

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Hi everyone ? Today was a beautiful day but quite “lazy” I must admit. Apart from getting the usual chores done and going out to take pictures, I didn’t do much for school or my future as such. And I write that with a little disappointment because I didn’t reach my goal for today. That being […]

Inspirational Quotes

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Hey people! ? I hope you all had a great weekend! My weekend was great. On Friday after school I went to take some pictures with my friend Vanesa for her work and ourselves. It was really really cold and grey, so sun please come through soon! ? Yesterday and today were pretty productive days, got a lot […]