Food Schedule

vegan food schedule

Looking for some easy vegan food inspo? I put together a whole week of vegan recipes, making it easier to follow a healthy diet.

Full day of eating vegan

full day of eating vegan

Hey peeps! I hope everybody is okay during this Corona virus time. It’s important to take care of yourself and your dearest ones, and stay healthy. That said, what better way to be healthy then feed your body with nutrient dense food. I made this full day of eating vegan video, where I capture 3 […]

High Protein Vegan Lasagne

vegan lasagne recipe plantbased lasagne plant-based recipes vegan food inspiration high protein vegan lasagne high protein vegan meals

Hey loves! I’m excited for today’s recipe because I’ve taken some time to bring this high-protein vegan lasagne recipe to perfection. I’ve taken a lot of inspiration from Pinterest and went through many different vegan lasagne recipes to eventually create my version of a high-protein and healthy, vegan lasagne. I believe it’s a great way […]

Healthy Lunch & Dinner Ideas

full day of eating healthy food healthy lunch healthy dinner ideas

Hey peeps! Hope you are all doing well & are hungry ?. I uploaded my second YouTube video – (almost) a full day of eating, showing you healthy lunch & dinner ideas. Personally, I love to watch these types of videos because I am always on the outlook for healthier lunch and dinner choices ?. Eating […]

Pico Pizza Copenhagen

pico pizza copenhagen vegan pizza place glutenfree restaurant

*this post is sponsored Hey peeps! Hope you are all doing great! Last week my brother came to visit and I thought it was the perfect timing to go try Pico Pizza at Nørrebro. I’ve had my eye on the new restaurant for quite some time now and decided to reach out to them and […]

My favorite green smoothie

green smoothie healthy detox smoothie avocado smoothie healthy weightloss

Long time no see, peeps! Hope you’re all doing great ? Didn’t blog for 2 weeks or so because uni has kept me extremely busy! I feel like I’m saying this on a regular basis but that’s just how it is ?. Those of you that follow me on Snapchat have seen this green smoothie at least […]

5 healthy restaurants in Copenhagen

where to eat healthy in copenhagen 42 raw natur tørst palæo torvehallerne kcal factory vegan glutenfree laktosefree food food guide

Hi healthy friends ? Today I’d like to share the top 5 healthy restaurants in Copenhagen with you. Obviously, if you live in Denmark or have visited, you probably know that it’s a country that’s really advocating a healthy lifestyle – which is why you’ll have no trouble finding healthy snacks and protein bars wherever you […]