What to bring in your hand luggage

what to bring in your hand luggage carry on essentials for long distance flights

Hello my beautiful peeps! I got a little travel action going on the next few months, so I thought I’d get into expanding my travel category here on the blog. Today I want to talk to you about my personal preferences on what to bring in your hand luggage. As you know, Fabian & I traveled […]

Healthy Lunch & Dinner Ideas

full day of eating healthy food healthy lunch healthy dinner ideas

Hey peeps! Hope you are all doing well & are hungry 🌯. I uploaded my second YouTube video – (almost) a full day of eating, showing you healthy lunch & dinner ideas. Personally, I love to watch these types of videos because I am always on the outlook for healthier lunch and dinner choices 😂. Eating […]

I got a job!

life update new job

Hey loves! Major update in my life! I signed the contract for my first full-time job!! 🎈 I’m starting as a Business Intelligence Specialist at Flying Tiger Copenhagen from next month. What’s that, Melisa? Well, basically a BI specialist is responsible for analyzing company-specific data to support general decision-making. In other words, I extract data from a database through SQL […]

Fall Jackets & Coats

fall jackets ootd fall outfit inspo coats fall season look of the day what to wear

  GET IT HERE    GET IT HERE      GET IT HERE    GET IT HERE    GET IT HERE    Hi peeps I hope you’re as ready for fall season as me!?  I’m always super excited for season change because that means you have an excuse to buy new stuff. On that account, […]

Fall pieces

GET IT HERE  GET IT HERE  GET IT HERE  GET IT HERE  GET IT HERE  GET IT HERE  GET IT HERE  GET IT HERE  GET THE SKIRT HERE  | GET THE JUMPER HERE   Just some simple autumn inspo. Thanks for stopping by again & blog to you soon! Lots of Love, M.

Pico Pizza Copenhagen

pico pizza copenhagen vegan pizza place glutenfree restaurant

*this post is sponsored Hey peeps! Hope you are all doing great! Last week my brother came to visit and I thought it was the perfect timing to go try Pico Pizza at Nørrebro. I’ve had my eye on the new restaurant for quite some time now and decided to reach out to them and […]

Pink Perfection

pink perfection pink outfit pink bikini

Bikini is from this post | Hey peeps! How are you doing?! Just wanted to come on here and give a little life update since I haven’t done that for some time now. So what have I been up to? My brother came to visit me last week so I’ve mostly just hung out with him […]

Leg-focused HIIT workout

hiit high intensity leg workout leg focused cardio circle fitness

*this post is in collaboration with Hunkemöller and contains ad links Hey peeps ❤️ Hope everybody is doing great! So, a couple of days ago, I asked you guys on my Instagram story what you would like to see more of on my blog and a lot of people were interested in gym related content. And […]

I graduated, now what?

life after graduation how to figure out what to do with your life

Hello peeps! It’s been already 2 months since I graduated, can you believe that?   via GIPHY   Now that I think about it, it seems like a really long time but it passed by really fast. So what did you do these past 2 months, Melisa?   via GIPHY   Besides being completely obsessed with […]